Press Releases
  P.R.18-11-2014 Rehmat Nagar, Elias Nagar Colony of Houses Opened in Muzaffarnagar
  P.R.17-11-2014 Mansoor Colony Srinagar Kashmir Jamiat Inaugurated on 68 Houses
  P.R.30-06-2014 about Muzaffar Nagar riots
  P.R.21-06-2014 about M Abdul Qavi Release
  P.R.20-06-2014 about Peace in Eraq
  P.R.18-06-2014 about Peace in Sri Lanka
  P.R.28-05-2014 about Muslim Reservation
  P.R.26-05-2014 about the India & Egypt Situation
  P.R.25-05-2014 about Jamiat Ulama Ijlas
  P.R.15-05-2014 about riots in India
  P.R.11-05-2014 about Merath riots
  P.R.09-05-2014 about Bodo Terrirism
  P.R.04-05-2014 about Assam Situation
  P.R.02-05-2014 about Muslim Comunity in Assam
  P.R.23-07-2012 about Assam Assault
  P.R. 23-07-2012 about asthan riots
  P.R. 18-6-12 n prince of Niaf Bin Abdul Aziz death date 18-6-12
  P.R. 28-05-12 About 25% Quota
  P.R.15-04.12 About Letter Of Nishat Kumar To Maulana Madani
  P.R.13-04.12 About Ode Gaon Roits Case Decision
  P.R.9-04.12 About Andhra Pradesh
  P.R.Mumbra Tasweer KI Tafsil
  P.R.4.04.12 About Worker Meeting for 31 Qenerel Session
  P.R.3.04.12 About Haj Subsidy
  P.R.4.03.12 About Gaya Communal Violence
  P.R.30.03.12 About Court Decision Regarding Jamiat Ulama-i- Hind
  Maulana Mahmood Madani Speech in Parliament
  P.R.24.03.12 About Bihar Series of Riots
  P.R.14.03.12 About the death of Hafiz Siddique
  P.R.14.3.2012 Maulana Madani Demanded Sackingof Ashok Gehlot
  P.R.28.2.2012 Jamiat Ulama-i- Hind working Committe Concluded with Several Decions Passed.
  P.R. 24.02.2012 Jamiat Welcomes Andhrapradesh Waqg Board Decision to evict Qadyani out of fold of Islam
  P.R.22.2.2012 Jamiat Condemns Desecreatio of Holy Quran
  P.R.10.02.2012 Madani Statement on Innocent
  P.R. 8.02.2012 on the Deat of Maulana Abu bakar Ghazipur
  P.R. 8.02.2012 on Qujrat hig Court Verdict
  P.R. 30.01.2012
  P.R. 09.01.2012
  P.R.24.10.11 on Social Reform
  P.R. 23.10.11. Prince of Saudiarabia Death Date
  P.R. 20.10.11. Qari Usman Statement of Increasing Qadyani Movement
  Jamiat Delegation meet with pm
  P.R.11.10.11. Jamiat Relief Work in Orrissa
  P.R. 8.10.11. Jamiat Stand About Up Fasad
  P.R. 1.10.2011. Maulana Mahmood Madani Statemnet on Snajeev Bhat
  P.R. 1.10.2011. Statemen Sanjeev Bhat
  P.R. 2.9.2011. Maulana Usman Statement on Rudarpur Fasad
  P.R. 16.9. 2011. M. Madani Visit on the Bharatpur Fasad
  P.R. 15.9. 11. M. Madani Statement on the Bharatpur fasad related news
  P.R. 13.09.2011 Modi Decision
  P.R. 8.9.11. M. Madani news-nandur-baar-news
  P.R. 4.09.2011 Ujjan Fasad
  P.R. 30.08.2011 on ban on sanatan sabha
  P.R. 10.08.2011 on Muradabad
  P.R. 2-8-2011 JUhHpresident statement on ramadan
  P.R. 28.7.2011 on halal trust
  P.R. 23.7.2011 working.committee
  P.R. 19.7.2011 Deobad Issue
  P.R. 18.7.2011 About Murder of Faizusmani
  Press Release 18_7_11
  Press Release of Jamait Ulama-i- Hind
  P.R.18_7_2011 About Murder of Faizusmani
  P.R.7.7.2011 About Moradabad Final
  P.R.6.7.2011 Meeting
  P.R.6.7.2011 Gujrat
  P.R.2.7.2011 Gujrat
  P.R.30.6.2011 Sanjeev Bhat
  P.r.25.6.2011 About Tablighi
  P.R. 25.6.2011 About Tablighi Jamat Ban In
  P.R. 19.6.2011About Tajkistan
  P.R. 19.6.2011about Tajkistan
  About Incident of Farbish Qanj 11.6.2011
  Press Release 8-3-2011
  Press Release 7-3-2011
  Press Release 1-3-2011
  Press Release 1-03-2011
  Press Release 3-03-2011
  Press Release 23-02-2011
  Press Release 17-02-2011
  Press Release 16-02-2011
  Press Release 15-02-2011
  Press Release 28-01-2011
  Press Release 12-01-2011
  Press Release 10-01-2011
  Jamiat Delegation meets Sonia Gandhi for reservation for Muslims
  Innocent detained in jail accused of terror forthwith freed, Maulana Mahmood Madani 9-1-2011
  Jamiat Delegation meets Sonia Gandhi for reservation for Muslims
8-1-2011 (English)
  Jamiat Delegation meets Sonia Gandhi for reservation for Muslims
8-1-2011 (Hindi)
  Maulana Mahmood Madani General Secratary nominated. 30-12-2010
  Qari usman Amirul Hind muntakhab 30-12-2010
  Madani elecetd Jamiat G. Secratary. 30-12-2010
  Jamiat babri masjid case me supreme counrt jane ke haq me. 30-12-2010
  Press Release 18-12-2010
  Press Release 1-10-2010    About Babri Masjid Decision
  Press Release 24-09-2010
  Press Release 23-09-2010
  Press Release 21-09-2010
  Press Release 18-09-2010
  Press Release 14-09-2010
  Press Release 09-09-2010
  Press Release 28-08-2010
  Press Release 19-08-2010
  Press Release 07-8-2010
  Conference on challenge of compulsory education
  Press Release 23-7-2010
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