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A Grand Session of Jamiat Ulama Uttrakhand held at Madarsa Rahimiya, Rorokee Distt. Haridwar, Uttrakhand Roorkee: 19-6-2011:
A grand session of Jamiat Ulama Uttarakhand was held under the Presidentship of Mufti Salman Mansurpuri at Madarsa Rahimiya, Roorkee Distt. Haridwar, Uttrakhand. The session was attended by representatives from every districts and prominent Ulama of the area. Mufti Salman Mansurpuri while addressing the session dwelt upon the needs of establishing Deeni Taalimi Board. He also dwelt upon conspiracy being hatched by enemies of Islam for maligning the image of Islam. He said that Zionist forces are working hard to affect changes in the texts of the holy Quran and Hadith. Even they are distributing altered version of the holy Quran i.e Al Furqan. He stressed upon the responsibility of ulama under the circumstances to face these challenges with guts and tenacity.  He cautioned that if we are not awakened we will meet the same fate as that of Muslims of Spain who after several years of ruling the country had been annihilated over there. He also hinted out that there are many people in India too who are working tirelessly to repeat Spanish experience in India. He also dwelt upon the need to establish mahkama Sharia, Imaarate Sharia to deal with day today issues of the Muslims like marriage, divorce and inheritance etc.

Mohammad Islam, President Jamiat Ulama Uttrarakhand while addressing the participants dwell upon conspiracy hatched by enemies of Islam for promoting atheism among the impressionable young generation of Musdlims and for maligning the image of Muslims and Islam through use of mass media. He further said that since there is lack of educational institutions for the Muslims, therefore there is urgent need to establish more and more Deeni makatib and madaris in Muslim localities.
West Bengal News

Declaration of Jamiat Ulama West Bengal’s Anti-Terrorism Conference
Wednesday 5th November 2014 at Maulali Yuba Kendra, Kolkata
This Conference of Islamic Scholars and Community leaders expresses its anguish and deep concern at the recent incidents of bomb blast and cache of live bombs in Burdwan Distt of West Bengal. It condemns and calls for strict action against individuals and organizations involved in abetting, supporting or executing terrorist action irrespective of their rank or association with whatsoever group community or religion. Such persons are enemies of humanity and they have no religious or moral justification for their heinous crimes. In view of malicious witch hunt by the media and communal elements in the aftermath of the horrifying incidents and lack of credibility of investigating agencies this conference calls for unified and cohesive action plan against terror outfits with cooperation of all the sections of society and state agencies. This conference firmly believes and declares that
  • Islam is the religion of peace and amity which is an integral part of its corpus. It is strongly opposed to all kinds of terrorist activities. In spite of that there are persistent insinuations to link Islam with terrorism. This conference strongly condemns such activities and desires to clarify that Islam views bloodshed and killing of innocents as grave and unpardonable crimes.
  • In view of the Conference, terrorism deserves condemnation in all forms whether by individuals or by organizations; if state organs encourage terrorism that further adds to the gravity of the crime.
  • If the misdeeds of individuals are attributed to the whole community or nation, the negative impact vitiates the entire social atmosphere and due to mutual hatred among nations, the world gets involved in discord and strife. Defaming or fanning hatred against the source of any particular ideology causes hatred and prejudice, and it may lead to destruction of the nation and community. Therefore, to attribute terrorism to the Holy Quran and the Prophet (PBUH) is the worst form of terrorism. The conference strongly condemns all attempts to link Islam with terrorism which defames and tarnishes its image. The conference appeals to all sections of society not to link acts of terrorism with a particular religion or community.
  • At present there is a propaganda that regards terrorism as synonymous with ‘jehad’, although there is a world of difference between terrorism and jehad. Jehad is constructive and terrorism is destructive. Jehad is basically for the establishment of peace which is a fundamental right of human beings. Terrorism is the gravest crime as held by Quran and Islam. Terrorism causes panic and terror among the people; it causes loss of life and paralyzes the political and social systems. Therefore, misinterpretation of ‘jehad’ must be avoided.
  • As a nation, we Indians are committed to cooperate with each other for maintaining peace, law and order. We are also committed to wage a united struggle against disorder and anarchy at all levels. In particular the state agencies, by rising above all prejudices, must discharge their duties impartially for maintaining peace, law and order.
  • The Conference today appeals to all enlightened persona and media persons that they should independently analyze all national and international events. They should not succumb to prejudices for painting them in a particular hue. Further, the conference re-affirms its faith, held for a long time, supported by the history of India that Muslims desire to see India strong, independent, peaceful and developed. The forces that suffer from prejudices against the second largest community of the country are the biggest impediments to the progress of the country. We are determined to see that they are never successful in their ignoble aims. We are not prepared to tolerate terrorism in any form and we are ready to cooperate with all the responsible people in every possible manner. Once again we reiterate our commitments.
  • The Conference re-affirms its support to the declaration adopted by the antiterrorist Conference held under the auspices Dar-ul-Uloom, Deoband on February 25, 2008 and declares its firm will to act persistently against terrorism.
  • In the face of any crisis challenging the country, Jamiat Ulama-i- Hind has always played constructive role by guiding and leading the people and the Government to the course of action beneficial to the country and the nation and it has never failed or shirked in its duty as such.
  • In the current scenario emerging in the aftermath of recent incidents in West Bengal, under investigation for alleged connections with terrorist net-work, Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind has played pivotal role in maintaining communal harmony and peace. On this occasion, All Jamiat leaders and workers reiterate their steadfast commitment to eradicate the menace of terrorism from the face of our great country and defeat the sinister designs of the enemy threatening the unity and integrity of our dear motherland.
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